skincancerWhat types of skin cancer are there?

There are two broad categories of skin cancer viz. non-melanoma (epidermal) skin cancer and melanoma skin cancer.

Epidermal skin cancer originates from the superficial layers of the skin whilst malignant melanoma originates from the pigment producing cells called melanocytes.

Non-melanoma skin cancer includes solar keratosis (sun spots), squamous cell carcinoma & basal cell carcinoma.

Glandular cancers called lymphoma can also start in the skin.

birtmarkBirthmarks are areas of flat or raised discolored skin that are often seen on the body at birth or may develop shortly after birth. Some may even be indistinct at birth and may only become visible in adolescence. They vary in colour and may be brown, tan, or black to blue, pink or red. Some birthmarks are only stains on the surface of the skin, while others extend into the tissues under the skin or grow above the surface.


Acne scarring blog






  Acne scarring may arise in different forms. It occurs due to the intense inflammation that occurs mainly in cystic acne. The inflammation damages the collagen in the deeper layers resulting collagen loss that causes indentations on the skin.  Excessive picking of skin in milder cases of acne may also result in collagen damage and scarring as well as pigmentation in darker skin types



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