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What is pityriasis alba?

pityriasis alba.jpgPityriasis alba is a harmless and common childhood skin condition of patches of lighter skin color.

What is the cause?

Doctors don’t know what causes this skin condition. It may have to do with dry skin or chemicals that come into contact with the skin. The lighter patches of skin are more common in the summer, but they can happen at any time of year.

What are the symptoms?

Your child has areas of lighter skin color on the face and sometimes on the neck, upper part of the chest, or arms. These patches of skin are dry and scaly.

How is it diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider will examine your child and check for other skin diseases that might cause the patches.

How is it treated?

Your child’s skin color will gradually go back to normal after several weeks without treatment. Lotions and moisturizers may help. Nonprescription hydrocortisone cream may also help the patches go away more quickly. Don’t use hydrocortisone cream on the face for long periods of time (months) without first talking with your healthcare provider.

How can I take care of my child?

Once the skin is back to its normal color, use skin lotions and moisturizers to help lower the chance that the patches will return. Ask your healthcare provider: