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Acne Scarring Featured

Acne scarring may arise in different forms.

Acne scarring blog

It occurs due to the intense inflammation that occurs mainly in cystic acne. The inflammation damages the collagen in the deeper layers resulting collagen loss that causes indentations on the skin.  Excessive picking of skin in milder cases of acne may also result in collagen damage and scarring as well as pigmentation in darker skin types

 Acne scarring can be prevented with early and appropriate management of active acne

 There are 5 main types of acne scarring:

Ice-Pick Scars: Ice pick scars are very deep scars, with sharp borders.  They look almost as if they have been poked into the skin with an ice pick.

Boxcar Scars: Boxcar acne scars have a sharp border, but they are much wider than ice pick acne scars.  They appear as round ‘pits’ on the surface of the skin.

Rolling Scars: Rolling acne scars do not have sharp borders; they appear as indented ‘wavy’ patches of the skin.

Hypertrophic Scars & Keloids: Hypertrophic acne scars are not indented at all, they are actually firm bumps raised above the surface of the skin.  This type of acne scarring is most commonly found on the chest and back.

Discolouration:. There are two main types of discoloration after acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and post-inflammatory erythema (reddish spots.)

Treatment options for acne scarring vary on the type of scars and a combination approach may be required as an individual patient my have many more than one scar type

  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Dermapen Microneedling
  4. Injection of fillers
  5. CROSS technique using 100% TCA for ice pick scars
  6. Fractional ablative or non-ablative laser
  7. Cortisone injections for keloids and hypertrophic scars
  8. Skin lighteners for pigmented scars



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